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Commercial Metal Roofing

TEAM ROOF offers a wide range of roof plumbing services including the installation and repair of all roof and wall sheeting, anticon insulation, gutters, downpipes, water proof cappings and flashings and various roof ventilation solutions.


The following is a comprehensive but not exhaustive list of the range of services available from Team Roof:

  • New Roofing & Wall cladding

    All types of roof and wall sheeting including:

    • All BMT weights, profiles, and “ultra” sheeting

    • All translucent sheeting

    • All types of insulation, safety mesh and screw requirements

  • Re-Roofing / Re-Walling / Demolition

    • Replace old metal roofs & walls

    • Demolish old roofing

  • New Guttering, Downpipes, Rain Water Heads & Sumps

    • All types of downpipes, servicing all heights, utilising steel and PVC as required

    • All types of gutters, specialising in Box Gutters (being commercial) including straps and supports as specified

  • Roof Vents

    • Flues

    • Ridge Vents

    • Whirlybirds

  • Cappings and Flashings

    All types of cappings and flashings including:

    • Ridge cappings

    • Custom flashings

    • Solution-based flashing

  • Access equipment

    As we focus on commercial and industrial work we allow for:

    • Crane requirements

    • Scissor lifts

    • Safety equipment for OHS

  • Safety Paperwork and Project Management

    Prior to commencing work Team Roof will supply:

    • JSA 

    • Copies of our certificate of currencies, both public liability and workers compensation

    • Work Methods
  • Problem solving

    More often than not, we find that particulars have not been accounted for in the warehouse cladding design, Team Roof pride ourselves on cost-effective problem solutions delivered in a timely manner.



Contact TEAM ROOF on for a quote or to discuss your commercial / industrial metal roofing needs.